2015MARS Directors meeting and WAMS General Assembly meeting Sopot & Hel Poland, October 2015MARS Directors & WAMS assembly meeting Sopot & Hel Poland, October 2015
2014MARS Directors meeting & WAMS international assembly meeting Amsterdam March 2014MARS Directors & WAMS assembly meeting Amsterdam March 2014
2012Joint MARS Directors and Marbef+ meeting Brussels December 2012MARS Directors and MarBEF+ meeting Brussels December 2012
2011Directors Meeting Faro December 2011Directors meeting Faro December 2011.pdf
2010IOC-MARS-WAMSmeeting Paris April 2010Report_IOC_MARS_WAMS_ meeting Paris April 2010.pdf
2009Mars-MarBEF+ meeting Naples October 2009MARS-MarBEF+ meeting Naples October 2009.pdf
2008MARS-MarBEF-MGE Brussels June 2008MARS-MarBEF-MGE draft Brussels June 2008.pdf
2006MARS Directors Meeting Naples November 2006MARS Directors Meeting Naples November 2006.pdf
2003MARS Directors meeting Amsterdam November 2003MARS Directors meeting Amsterdam Nov 2003.pdf
1999Workshop biodiversity Yerseke April 1999Workshop biodiversity Yerseke April 1999.pdf