The Dove Marine LaboratoryThe Dove Marine Laboratory is a facility of Newcastle University. It is the ideal location from which visiting researchers can base their ecological and field based investigations of north-east England’s coastal and marine habitats. We wish to promote collaboration and networking with our researchers, and usage of our excellent facilities. This grant is to support promising PhD students and early-career postdoctoral researchers from across the MARS network of Marine stations to undertake research at the Dove Marine Laboratory. These research travel awards are generously supported by the Frank and Joy Williams Dove Benefactor Fund.

Who can apply?

Any PhD student or early-career (PhD obtained within the last 5 years) post-doctoral researcher currently based in a non-UK MARS network research institute. Please feel free to contact us to make enquiries if you do not directly fall into this eligibility band.

What can be funded?

Marine and coastal research that is dependent on explorations of the species, habitats, or geographic location, of the north-east coast of England, or will benefit from use of the facilities or expertise at the Dove Marine Laboratory. Research areas covered include: marine ecology; marine mammal or seabird behaviour or ecology; marine spatial planning; marine policy and governance; taxonomy, physiology, behaviour, reproductive biology of marine invertebrates and algae; application of object based image analysis (OBIA) to acoustic data for mapping and monitoring purposes ; geomorphology and erosion processes of coastal habitats ; plankton dynamics and community structure ; research that utilises the long-term Dove Time Series of plankton samples; coastal oceanographic processes; research supporting development of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The award may be wholly or in part used to fund travel to develop research proposals and collaborative links with Dove based academics and researchers. Please see our webpages for further information.

What does the funding cover?

The grant can be used towards an allowance to cover your living, travel and research costs. The maximum sum awarded per individual is €2000; you may apply for smaller amounts up to this. Bench fees are waived for successful applicants, but all other costs need to be considered. Use of the research vessel, RV Princess Royal, may be subsidised if research cruises fit with existing plans; please contact us to otherwise obtain quotes for costs relating to use of the vessel. Technical and administrative support are included at a basic level; if you require a lot of support in these areas, please outline these in your application.

On what criteria are awards made and who decides?

Applications are judged on the quality and rigour of the science. The research, or professional development of the researcher, should be demonstrated to directly benefit from travel to this UK location in some way, through access to the species and habitats locally available, facilities that are otherwise unavailable in the origin institution, or to develop collaborative links with Dove researchers. Two awards are available per year; there is a rolling call with no set application deadline. Our website will highlight when funds have been allocated, and no longer available for that year. Decisions will be made by three Dove based academics. Awards may be made in full, or part of the requested funds may be awarded.

How do I apply?

Please download, complete and return the Application Form and your CV electronically to the Director, Dr Jane Delany, We aim to make a decision within 6 weeks of your submission date. A proportion of your allocated award will be paid in advance of your arrival, where necessary to provision your travel here, and thereafter reimbursement of the full amount will be made on receipt of a short report of your work conducted, and evidence of costs incurred. We would expect due acknowledgement of the Dove Marine Laboratory and this Research Travel Award in any publications arising from research conducted at the Dove.

For further information, please feel free to peruse our webpages, or contact:

Dr Jane Delany, Director, Tel: 0044 (0) 191 2086671 or 0044 (0) 191 208 3053

Dove Marine Laboratory, Marine Biology, Ecosystems and Governance Research Group