Herman Hummel, MARS president

Herman Hummel, MARS president

Prof. Dr. Herman Hummel was elected as President of the MARS (The European Network of Marine Research Institutes and Stations) in 2013, after having a successful relevant career as the Executive Director of the MarBEF (Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning) NoE (Network of Excellence).
After his two successful terms on the presidency of MARS, he leaves behind many glaring achievements, such as:
– the update of the MARS statutes, under the Dutch legal system
– the collaboration between MARS and WAMS (the World Association of Marine Stations)
– a series of successful MARS Assembly (3) and Executive Board meetings (8)
– a suite of short term grants for early career scientists (8), which were able to move between the 62 MARS stations and institutes
– the successful chairing of the EMBOS (European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System) COST ACTION , which allied 43 senior scientists from 22 EU and other countries. This particular Network created a legacy on marine biodiversity observation all over the EU, which had never occurred in the past. The results of this COST ACTION project are being available as a collection of research articles in the international peer-reviewed JMBA (Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom)
– at the same time, as president of the EMBS (European Marine Biology Symposia), he further supported the broader scientific community on the discipline of marine biology in Europe and attracted much more participation from overseas

We thank him for his invaluable contributions and chairmanship.

Christos Arvanitidis, on behalf of the MARS Executive Board


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