MARS Directors Meeting, Crete (GR), 27-29 November 2018

MARS Directors Meeting, Crete (GR), 27-29 November 2018

The next MARS Directors meeting will be held at HCMR, Crete, November 27th to the 29th 2018.
MARS has been bringing together marine stations and institute directors for over two decades (since 1995) and in 2017 MARS members supported the development of a new strategy.
The MARS strategy entitled, “A new Strategy for MARS: Supporting a Decade of Marine Science in Europe and Beyond”, was developed in the context of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).
The draft of this strategy is now available for discussion at the meeting along with ideas on its implementation.

In addition, there will also be important discussions on
– the World Association of Marine Stations (WAMS);
– general science and policy updates; and
– models of sustainability for marine stations and institutes;
– as well as the chance to network with directors from across Europe and beyond.

For more information, please contact the secretariat.


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