MARS medal of honour

The MARS medal of honour is awarded to scientists of outstanding reputation in marine science. The MARS medal of honour carries a MARS Fellowship.



In 2017, during the Mars Directors’s meeting (Santander, Spain), Prof. Anastasios (Tasso) Eleftheriou was awarded the MARS Medal of Honor by Herman Hummel, President of MARS for his work as one of the founding fathers of theMARS network, his outstanding and long-lasting contribution to marine sciences in general, and his continuous support to MARS ever since.


team9The MARS medal of hounour 2006 is awarded to Professor Pierre Lasserre, for his outstanding contribution to marine sciences by bringing science, policy and management aspects together at a global scale, and for his continuous support to MARS. Prof. Lasserre accepted the award at the MARS Conference of Directors in Naples, Italy.


team12The MARS medal of honour 2002 is awarded to Professor Otto Kinne, for his longstanding contribution to the marine science community. Prof. Kinne accepted the award that will be presented at the 3rd MARS Conference of Directors in November 2003.