Since 1996 MARS has been bringing together leaders in marine institutes from Europe and beyond. Over 60 members from 21 countries are currently formal members.

CountryAcronymInstituteContact More info
FranceCNRS-UMR WimereuxWimereux Marine Station and MREN Francois SchmidtMore info
FranceCNRS-OBS VillefrancheObservatoire Oceanologique Villefranche Gaby GorskyMore info
FranceOREME SB SeteStation biologie marine de Sete Rutger de WitMore info
FranceCRIOBEU. Perpignan, CRIOBE Serge PlanesMore info
GermanyAWIAWI, incl. Biologische Anstalt Helgoland, AWI Marine Station Karen WiltshireMore info
GermanyDZMBDZMB-Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg Pedro Martinez ArbizuMore info
GreeceHCMR-IMBBCHCMR, Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture Christos ArvanitidisMore info
IrelandUCC-ZEPUCC dept. of Zoology, Ecology & Plant Science John DavenportMore info
ItalyCNR-ISMARCNR - ISMAR (Coastal Ecosystems Section) Alessandra ConversiMore info
ItalySZNStazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples Adrianna IanoraMore info