New President of the EMBS

New President of the EMBS

At the end of this year the term of appointment of the present chair of the EMBS, Prof. Dr. Herman Hummel (NIOZ, NL) will expire. After an additional year (4 years instead of the regular 3 years term) he will pass from January 2017 his tasks to the new EMBS President.

Herman Hummel: “EMBS has faced some difficulties in the past but is alive and kicking at the moment. I am glad that the EMBS managed to survive the economic crisis, and kept its audience despite the vast amount of other scientific events that are being offered each Autumn. I hope the stronger links with the MARS network will contribute to the continuity of the EMBS in the future.
To my opinion the EMBS always has been, and still is, an excellent setting for the presentation of marine biological research (in it broadest sense) to an audience with a perfect mix of senior and early career scientists.
There is ample time for discussions in an open, almost informal, atmosphere. Not only after the presentations, but also during lunches, dinners, and social events (the ‘Yellow Submarine Contest’ turned out to be an important instrument for this).
I thank all the local organizers of the events that have made each individual EMBS a success!
It is now the time, and timely, to hand over the organization to ‘the next generation’ of scientists to keep this valuable symposium series, with a tradition of more than 50 years, ongoing. “


During the last EMBS symposium (Rhodes, Greece, 26-30 September 2016) Assoc Professor Tasman Crowe BSc, PhD (UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science) has been elected as the new President of the EMBS.


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