– The call is now closed –

We are proud to announce the MARS travel awards for young scientists. For 2017 two awards of in total 800 € will be granted to promising young scientists or students at MARS member institutions.  The award will consist of two parts.

  1. A travel grant of 500 € to cover (part of) the costs to carry out research at another MARS member institute.
  2. An additional and conditional contribution of 300 € to cover (part of) the travel costs and/or registration fee to present the results of the project at the EMBS. The allocation of this additional budget will depend on the achievements of your research (based on the short report that is required to be delivered soon after the stay at the host-institute).

Both institutes must be full members who have paid their membership fee for 2016, or have announced their intention to become a member in 2017.

The research topic should fall into one of the following themes:

  • Marine biodiversity, including taxonomy, ecosystem functioning, observatories, indicators
  • Marine genomics and molecular biology
  • Marine model organisms and natural products
  • Climate change problems
  • Sustainable ecosystems and human factors
  • Preservation and sustainable exploitation of marine Ecosystems

After completion of the project 300 € is granted to present the results at the next EMBS conference (following the standard rules set by the EMBS organisers). Also an extended abstract of the results, and a short resume of the award winner will be published in the MARS Newsletter.

Proposals should include a maximum 2 page outline of the intended research, the addresses of the sending and receiving MARS member institutes, a letter of support from the sending and the host institute, and a CV of the applicant (who may not be older than 35 years). Proposals can be sent to the MARS Secretariat, at secretariat@marinestations.org. The deadline for sending proposals is 15 February 2017.